On March 1, 2015, a new law went into effect which requires all municipal police vehicles hereafter purchased to be equipped with mobile video recording systems.  This requirement applies to police vehicles primarily used in traffic stops and was signed into law in September of 2014. Laws of 2014, c. 54.  The law was originally Continue Reading »

New Jersey To Consider DWI Jury Trials

This week, the New Jersey Supreme Court announced that it would consider granting jury trials for third and subsequent DWI offenders. Certification was granted in the case of State v. JamesDenelsbeck (075170) in which the defendant is a fourth DWI offender. Many Lawyers have long requested that New Jersey’s highest court reconsider this issue, as Continue Reading »

Blood Test Inaccuracies – NJ

So your car swerved a bit and an awaiting officer’s light bulb goes off flashing the words “Drunk Driver.”  You get pulled over and after you have stumbled on the roadside tests, you are asked to submit to a Breath, Blood or Urine test.  The fact that you have a driver’s license means that you Continue Reading »

NJ Laws Regarding Drugged Driving

NJ is one the 21 states that has legalized the medicinal use of marijuana.  The laws regarding marijuana are changing throughout the country, but it is still illegal to drive while intoxicated by marijuana, prescription drugs, and other controlled substances.  The penalties for driving under the influence of drugs are the same in NJ as Continue Reading »

Penalties for DWI with a Minor

Tragically, most children killed as a result of a DWI accident are NOT in the car hit by a drunk driver. As many as 65% of the dead child victims are actually in the car riding with the perpetrator.  Unfortunately, this type of child endangerment has been a national trend. In Chicago, earlier this month, Continue Reading »

Prom Night – Underage DWI in NJ

Prom parties and High School graduation season is approaching.  It might not come as a surprise to learn that  DWI laws for teens are far more stringent than adult DWI penalties. Even adults can be held liable for lending their car or home to host such parties.  But did you know that in NJ, the Continue Reading »