The State of New Jersey attaches enhanced penalties for DWI violations which occur in a school zone.  A school zone in NJ is defined as:

  1. Any school property used for school purposes which is owned by or leased to any elementary or secondary school or school board
  2. A radius of 1,000 ft from such a school property
  3. A designated school crossing
  4. A school crossing not designated by an ordinance but is being used by juveniles at the time of the violation.

School zones are very common because of the wide 1,000 foot range included in this definition.  School zones, for example, may also include athletic fields which may be far from the main campus but since they are owned by the school or its board, they and the areas surrounding them, fall under this definition.  The penalties of a DWI in a school zone are as follows:

Jail Sentence License Suspension Fines Surcharges
1st Offense 60 days 1-2 years $500-$800 $3,500+
2nd Offense 4-180 days 4 years $1,000-$2,000 $3,500+
3rd Offense 180 days 20 years $2,000 $5,000+

As you can see, a DWI school zone conviction will cripple you in jail time, fines and worst of all an extremely lengthy license suspension.  When facing penalties this severe, it is in your best interests to find the very best DWI attorney you can hire to defend your case!  Attorney Steven Hernandez is a nationally respected DWI lawyer who lectures on DWI related issues and is a published author of a well respected book on DWI law.  He will devote his time and experience to defend your rights.  Call today, (732) 286-2700 .